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Some Common Types Of Ladders

Ladders are very useful tools that you can find in every house. There are several chores that are done with it. Many people buy a ladder when they start painting work or are looking forward to cleaning the gutters. So,if you are looking for a ladder, then you must put safety first. Hence, it is better to choose one according to the work you are going to do with it. You can visit tool shops online in UK to view the options available.

Mentioned below are some types of ladders:

Step ladder:  it is the most common and most popular type of ladder. It is made self-supporting. Generally, it is made light so that a person can carry it easily from one place to another. It is made up of two sets of steps or rungs which are connected together at one side. A small platform is also given to them to make people stand on it easily. Either of its sides can be used for climbing. It is great in terms of durability and is also a bit cheaper than other types.

Extension: The step ladders are generally made of a certain height. So, with them, the reach is also limited. So, to cover them up extension ladders are made. The extension ladders can reach a great height which makes it ideal for painting and reaching roofs and for other exterior works. It is lighter than a step ladder. Some extension ladders also come with a telescoping feature which allows a ladder to slide up the other ladder.